This is the post excerpt.

I am a ponderer. I wonder why. Always have.

As a child I was the one that asked the questions that baffled  the grownups. Why do rivers have shores and the ocean have beaches? When we went to the river we were warned to stay close to the shore, but if we were at the ocean we had to stay on the beach. After a trip to Skyline Drive I wondered why do we park on the driveway and drive on a parkway?  These were the questions that gave my daddy pause.  His response, “Lou, you’re thinking too hard.” (My name is not Lou, he started calling me that for some unknown reason when I was a baby. I hated it then.  Now that he, and almost everyone else that ever called me that, are gone I would love to here that detested name again!)

Of course my mother’s answer was a simple “I don’t know, ask Daddy”. If there is a pondering gene I got it from my father.  He loved people and gleaned information and stories from everyone he met.  He was a true Virginian fascinated about how other people lived. He also had an incredible memory for facts and details about people and the places that they were from. I think that he stored away TTH questions until he could find a time to bring the subjects back up and give me a credible answer.

So expect this blog to cover the ponderables that fill my brain leaving no room for the things that I really should remember! This site is mainly for me but if you stumble upon it maybe you’ll find the answer to some of the things that you have pondered.